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What should you do in an electrical emergency?

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Having an electrical emergency can be an unpleasant experience. Follow the advice below to make sure that the issue is solved as quickly and safely as possible. Electrical emergencies can be caused by various things such as faulty electrical equipment, damage done to wiring while doing DIY, worn out devices or simply by old sockets and plugs wearing down over time, exposing wiring.

If you are experiencing an electrical emergency, follow our advice below:

Make sure everyone is safe

Depending on the cause of the electrical emergency, it could be that someone has become injured or shocked. They might, for example, have come into contact with live unprotected wires.

The first step is to make sure that everyone is safe and to call emergency services if anyone is unwell. Isolating the power and switching it off may be necessary to protect anyone from further harm. If you don’t know how to do this, call us on 0800 788 0629 straight away anytime of day

If wires are still exposed then make sure that everyone stays clear of them, and make sure they know where the wires are. Do not touch the live wires.

If the electricity has been cut off during the night-time, or you have had to turn the power off for safety reasons, then make sure that other people in the building are safe and protected while you take the necessary steps to fix the issue and to restore power.

Electrical emergency with live wires

Call emergency electricians!

Fixing the electrical problem is key to ensuring safety and avoiding any future issues. If you haven’t already, contact a reliable and trustworthy electrician that is able to help you as quickly as possible. They will then be able to advise you further on what steps to take.

At iRewire Emergency Electricians, we guarantee that we will be with you within 2 hours or you get your money back. See our emergency call out times. Our services are focused on helping any home or small business that’s in need of immediate attention, no matter what time of day or what day it is.

In order to fix the electrical issue as quickly as possible, it’s important that you provide as much information as possible, about the problem, to the electrician so that they can diagnose and get to the root of the issue for you.

If you have not turned off the power and are worried that the situation is dangerous then make sure to mention this when calling.

Cutting off the power and some other activities might be able to be solved quicker over the phone.

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Need help with an electrical emergency?

If you are experiencing an electrical emergency, follow our advice here
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